14 January 2010

Dear 2010, SLOW DOWN!

Many apologies for having disappeared in 2010. Things are going swimmingly... just VERY busy.

School started up again last week, and last night I had to teach the class - stupid - let me pay to teach myself the darn class. Anyway.

Aside from that, work's beyond crazy at this point. My butt hits the chair and I'm off again to something new. I don't remember the last time I took a lunch hour. Isn't that weird?

I'm around. Keep writing and reading.


PS... I want this:


  1. I was thinking of the same thing, this year is going by quite fast and it's getting a little hard to catch up.

  2. You don't already have a kitchen aid mixer? I thought you did? You'll love it. I recommend getting the big one ... the extra power with the bigger bowl. This way you can make 2 batches of cookies at once, or a few pie crusts, etc., which is really nice during the holidays.

    Work is that busy, huh? Lucky you!

    I'm back in school now too. One week in. So far so good. After this I have my internship, and student teaching, and I'm done. So little left to do. I shouldn't have put it off. I'm happy back in the elementary ed environment.