02 December 2009

New Age Frustration

Alright... so I've got my fair share of music in my iTunes library. Yes, most of it came from my cds, my friends' cds, their friends' cds... or well, who knows. Thing is - you can rip your audio cds to your iTunes library, lickety-split.

No questions asked.

But today I headed out to Best Buy at lunchtime. (I love shopping on my lunch hour!)

Bought myself a copy of Miracle on 34th Street with the intention of watching it next Friday when I'm off all day for my annual Christmas Movie Marathon day at home on the couch.

As I'm walking out of the store, I think...

hey... wouldn't it be great
to put the movie on my iPhone
so I can watch it while I'm at work?

I know, I know... there are so many things
wrong with that statement.
So I come back to work and do a bit of research only to find while it's perfectly legal to have 18 copies of your favorite Bryan Adams cd. Yet, there's no way you can put the movie (that you just bought for $29.99) onto another device for your viewing pleasure. Or just to have a backup copy so you don't lose it completely.

Now, I'm all for everyone making the money they deserve. But why do I have to pay TWICE for a movie that I want to watch in the comfort of my own cubicle?

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