31 December 2009

A look back...

It's just about time to check off 2009...

pic from here

But we've got one more thing to do... the year-end wrap-up. So here we go...

Important Life Events of 2009

bought a house

vacationed at Walt Disney World

oh yeah... started this blog

started shopping at alice.com

complained about work several times

ordered my very own pair of Nikes

attended the hog roast

and of course...
started watching, fell in love with, recorded every episode of Glee

All-in-all... I'll say 2009 wasn't too bad. A lot of great things happened over the last 12 months. Aside from spending my time in class every week and the layoffs at work (every week) - I'll call 2009 a friend, not a foe.

How'd your 2009 shape up?

So now it's time to raise that glass to 2010. (Alright, I'll wait until after I get off work.)


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