04 December 2009

I'm a BlogSlacker

I know, I know... I've been slacking with my blog posts. And you all read my blog so diligently, I hate to disappoint you.

I found a little blog award from my friend, Little Miss Blogger, a while back. I figure it's time to post a Blog Award!! Woo HOO!!

The Rules: Tag 10 other bloggers
and list 10 interesting facts about yourself.
(easy cheesy)
1. My favorite job was working at a funeral home. My co-workers were HILARIOUS and we had so much fun! There are days I wish I still worked there.

2. By the summer before I turned 18, I'd visited 48 states and 5 countries. (Visited... not just flew over.) And there's a story to go with EVERY single one.

3. I color-organized my closet - everything's in rainbow order. ROY G BIV Baby!! It's just about the most effective organizational technique I've ever tried. Seriously, give it a go. Even my husband's side of the closet is in rainbow order. But then again, he probably didn't notice.

4. My husband and I wear the same shoe size and ring size. I'm not sure if that means I have monster hands and feet or if he's part midget.

5. I'm currently on my fourth Pontiac since I was 16. I've remained in the Pontiac family, but now I'm not sure what I'll do since they've ended production.

6. I'm the youngest of three girls in my family. I'm also the tallest and thanks to my hairstylist - the blondest.

7. I made myself like beer in college. I remember going to frat parties every weekend and all the cool people drank beer. So I just learned to gulp quickly. Soon after one or two beers, the flavor wasn't so bad. Now I love beer. Probably thanks to the Wood Duck nights with my girlfriends.

8. My luxury food item (everyone has one of those things you treat yourself to now and then at the grocery store) is chocolate milk. Sometimes I drink it as I walk through the store and pay for the empty bottle at the checkout.

9. I think my dream job would be a travel agent. Talking and thinking and planning vacations would be SO much fun!! Too bad that industry is going by the wayside due to this new fad called "the Internet".

10. I'm an Apple girl. Call me a fruit, but I'm in love with anything Apple... iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, AppleTV, Time Capsules, Airport Express... you name it, I want it. (But I'm stuck with a PC all day at work. Boo)

That's it for me. Now I want to know about you guys:

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