31 December 2009

A look back...

It's just about time to check off 2009...

pic from here

But we've got one more thing to do... the year-end wrap-up. So here we go...

Important Life Events of 2009

bought a house

vacationed at Walt Disney World

oh yeah... started this blog

started shopping at alice.com

complained about work several times

ordered my very own pair of Nikes

attended the hog roast

and of course...
started watching, fell in love with, recorded every episode of Glee

All-in-all... I'll say 2009 wasn't too bad. A lot of great things happened over the last 12 months. Aside from spending my time in class every week and the layoffs at work (every week) - I'll call 2009 a friend, not a foe.

How'd your 2009 shape up?

So now it's time to raise that glass to 2010. (Alright, I'll wait until after I get off work.)


30 December 2009

The Toucan Update

Remember the Toucan Tango Kit from a few months ago?

Well, it's officially complete!

If only you could see it tango. When you put your finger in the little hole on the yellow wheel and turn it, the toucan dances up and down, side to side, his feet wiggle, and his mouth opens and closes. Crazy stuff... all made out of paper.

Anyway... so for Christmas, my sister gave me another moving paper sculpture. This time it's a tennis game!

I'm excited to see how it turns out. And lucky for me, I'm the only one in the office for the next two days.

Hmmm... wonder what I'll be doing!!
In other news - well, no other news to report. Until next time!

23 December 2009

The Great 2010 Debate

We're in debate over this in March:

Or this in October:

Then again, there's no need to fight.

After all, we could do both. :)

Tis the Season.

Yep... Christmas has arrived!

Remember when we were kids and it seemed like it took FOREVER for Christmas to get here?

What happened to that feeling?

Now it's here lickety split and I'm left with no time off work - just running all over creation like a madwoman in my "spare time".

Ugh. It's not even December 25th and I'm already tired.

22 December 2009

Obligated Christmases

Today was our 1st Annual Training Department Christmas Luncheon.

Translation: "Hey girls, wanna go out for lunch?"

The unfortunate thing is... I had to eat with my boss. YAY!

But there was ONE productive part to the 2 hour lunch conversation... ok maybe two good parts:
First, it took 2 hours to do lunch
and that means less actual work time today.
And second, the mystery of the fringe has been revealed!!

pic from here

It all comes back to the Christmas in her childhood when all the girls got cowgirl costumes. The skirt and vest had fringe and that must have been the best gift she ever got.

Unfortunately, she relives it over and over and over again.

17 December 2009

Post #100!!

Here's to all the posts with me whining about something.

Here's to all the posts when I drone on and on and on about nothing.

Here's to all the posts that have made you laugh.

Here's to all the posts full of creative internet finds.

Here's to my alice.com posts.

And here's to the many more posts to come! Thanks for reading!

08 December 2009

Our Little Monster

Even Punky was excited to get her ears from Disney World.

07 December 2009

My Holidate

In preparation of my annual Christmas Holidate with the couch this Friday, I'm looking for input.

Every year, I end up working around the holidays, but have some vacation time leftover to use. So I take one day toward the early part of December to stay home, watch Christmas movies, wrap presents and get everything in order for the holiday season.

Here's where your help comes in...

Our Christmas movie collection is slowly growing, but I want to know of any movies you think of during the Christmas season. Suggestions for my holidate - if you will. Movies that take place during the season, about the season, in reference to or in boycott of the season, etc.

Obvious ones on the list so far:
Miracle on 34th Street
Eight Crazy Nights
It's a Wonderful Life (on VHS!)
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Love Actually
White Christmas

04 December 2009

I'm a BlogSlacker

I know, I know... I've been slacking with my blog posts. And you all read my blog so diligently, I hate to disappoint you.

I found a little blog award from my friend, Little Miss Blogger, a while back. I figure it's time to post a Blog Award!! Woo HOO!!

The Rules: Tag 10 other bloggers
and list 10 interesting facts about yourself.
(easy cheesy)
1. My favorite job was working at a funeral home. My co-workers were HILARIOUS and we had so much fun! There are days I wish I still worked there.

2. By the summer before I turned 18, I'd visited 48 states and 5 countries. (Visited... not just flew over.) And there's a story to go with EVERY single one.

3. I color-organized my closet - everything's in rainbow order. ROY G BIV Baby!! It's just about the most effective organizational technique I've ever tried. Seriously, give it a go. Even my husband's side of the closet is in rainbow order. But then again, he probably didn't notice.

4. My husband and I wear the same shoe size and ring size. I'm not sure if that means I have monster hands and feet or if he's part midget.

5. I'm currently on my fourth Pontiac since I was 16. I've remained in the Pontiac family, but now I'm not sure what I'll do since they've ended production.

6. I'm the youngest of three girls in my family. I'm also the tallest and thanks to my hairstylist - the blondest.

7. I made myself like beer in college. I remember going to frat parties every weekend and all the cool people drank beer. So I just learned to gulp quickly. Soon after one or two beers, the flavor wasn't so bad. Now I love beer. Probably thanks to the Wood Duck nights with my girlfriends.

8. My luxury food item (everyone has one of those things you treat yourself to now and then at the grocery store) is chocolate milk. Sometimes I drink it as I walk through the store and pay for the empty bottle at the checkout.

9. I think my dream job would be a travel agent. Talking and thinking and planning vacations would be SO much fun!! Too bad that industry is going by the wayside due to this new fad called "the Internet".

10. I'm an Apple girl. Call me a fruit, but I'm in love with anything Apple... iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, AppleTV, Time Capsules, Airport Express... you name it, I want it. (But I'm stuck with a PC all day at work. Boo)

That's it for me. Now I want to know about you guys:

Always A Bridesmaid
The Bacon Queen
Me, The Man & The Baby
Sunshine Lovin'

Might As Well Jump! JUMP!

pic from here

Glee was definitely not a disappointment this week. TOTALLY good. And only one episode left for this fall season.

That means you gotta check out hulu if you want to see the episodes and keep up!!


Do it now.

No for reals. Go check it out.


Here are a few things that I've really been thinking about lately. Got any answers?

Who came up with this stupid 40 hour work week?

What would a 5 year old do with a cell phone?

Do hunchbacks have to buy special shirts that are longer in the back?

Why do companies make XXL thongs?

What's the air pressure exerted when I blow my nose?

I'm a Winner, I'm a Winner!!

April Showers Blog Design is having a HUGE giveaway and celebrating her OPEN waiting list that starts January 1st! April not only does blogs - but also invitations, announcements, calendars, cards, business cards, custom illustrations, and so much more! Just by pasting this paragraph on my blog I'm a winner! www.aprilshowersblogdesign.com

02 December 2009

New Age Frustration

Alright... so I've got my fair share of music in my iTunes library. Yes, most of it came from my cds, my friends' cds, their friends' cds... or well, who knows. Thing is - you can rip your audio cds to your iTunes library, lickety-split.

No questions asked.

But today I headed out to Best Buy at lunchtime. (I love shopping on my lunch hour!)

Bought myself a copy of Miracle on 34th Street with the intention of watching it next Friday when I'm off all day for my annual Christmas Movie Marathon day at home on the couch.

As I'm walking out of the store, I think...

hey... wouldn't it be great
to put the movie on my iPhone
so I can watch it while I'm at work?

I know, I know... there are so many things
wrong with that statement.
So I come back to work and do a bit of research only to find while it's perfectly legal to have 18 copies of your favorite Bryan Adams cd. Yet, there's no way you can put the movie (that you just bought for $29.99) onto another device for your viewing pleasure. Or just to have a backup copy so you don't lose it completely.

Now, I'm all for everyone making the money they deserve. But why do I have to pay TWICE for a movie that I want to watch in the comfort of my own cubicle?

01 December 2009

It's CHRISTmas People!

This year, it's been nothing but "keep the Christ in Christmas" emails. I get at least one a day. And I agree completely! So can we stop the emails?

But no one I know personally is pushing to take the little guy out of our holiday traditions.

He's the reason for the season. Duh!

pic from here

So it just cracks me up when I get an email regarding not being able to use a Santa hat at work.

Now I have to use a stupid snowflake…
Thank goodness snowflakes are PC.
Let the Christmas season begin.