16 November 2009

It's beginning to sound...

a lot like Christmas!!

On November 1, they started playing Christmas music on the "All Christmas Station". And while everyone groans at the announcement... I get a smile.

Not a little grin... I'm talking A Kid On Christmas Morning Smile.

I *love* Christmas music!!

Every time I get in my car, I hear Sleigh Ride.

S L E I G H R I D E ! !

The song we played in high school band... like 84,000 times! We all wanted to play it just to hear the whip crack at the end. Yep. Puts me in the best mood every single time.

Gosh I love that song.

1 comment:

  1. Lord have mercy...

    I saw a christmas tree all lit up and stuff on Macy's last night... and I cuss the hell out of it.

    Just venting you know, Macy's too expensive.