30 October 2009

I Was Born In A Small Town...

... and I lived in a small town.
And as much as I've tried to fight it, I've come to the conclusion that there's really not much better than a small town. Although, 10 years ago my mindset was a bit different. We were high schoolers who couldn't wait to get out of town... far, far away. And never come back.

Reasons we hated our small town (and believe me, we had a list in high school):

- no excitement
- everyone knows you
- you know everyone
- same old hangouts
- lack of options
- cozy

So this morning I had to call a local business in that small town. I told the business owner my name and my mom's name.
"OH HEY! How are you?"
Of course, now they know me by association. Thanks, Mom!

But when I hung up the phone, I realized that it's kinda nice to have conversations like that. It's kinda nice to personally know who you're talking to. Now for the updated list.

Reasons I love my small (home)town:
- no excitement
, no crime, no headline stories on the news
- everyone knows you or your mother
- you know everyone and all their business
- same old hangouts, bars, restaurants, and you know what to expect
- lack of options for your spouse to cheat and if they did, you'd know about it
- cozy

Shhh... just don't tell my mom.

Speaking of which:

29 October 2009

What Kind Of Meat Is That?

Everyone had a kid in grade school that was just weird.

You know, the one who smelled funny,
blew booger bubbles out his nose,
and on his birthday brought white bread and cheese slices
for his "special snack" that no one ate.

Much like the kid in blue on the right side of this pic...

pic from here

At what point in life do people grow out of that phase? Or do they ever?

I mean, what grown person brings stinky cheese and interesting looking meat sticks to a birthday food table? No wonder it's not being eaten.

And I bet that's your kid in the picture.

26 October 2009

Looking for Friends

To go here:
photo from here

Any volunteers?

23 October 2009


Who said it's ok to wear white socks with black pants and shoes??

That's just NEVER ok.

19 October 2009

Email Is The Best Medicine

There's been a lot going on lately. My father had pretty severe back surgery a week ago. And he's moving around s l o w l y but surely these days.

Today, he's armed with his laptop and email. I'm guessing some pretty good ones will come around this afternoon. But so far, here's what I see in my inbox:

Mom just left to go grocery shopping………
I’m running with scissors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's gonna be an interesting day.

14 October 2009

Always New Projects

There are always new projects in my life. Crafts, fixing or cleaning something, constructing, cooking, washing, etc. It's sick and twisted, but...

I love projects!!

So in one of our spare bedrooms, I've got a giant table. GIANT. It's just out there in the middle of the room and ready to be used for crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, designing and printing invitations/announcements, gift wrapping or doing homework.

Well, I've always been a fan of clocks. Growing up, my parents had TONS of clocks in every room. And for my crafting room, I wanted one of those SUPER huge clocks to hang on the wall.

Have you ever looked into those clocks?!? They're so darn expensive!!

I came up with a different plan...

Before (notice the messiness)

Step 1 - project the clockface design on the wall

Step 2 - paint the face on the wall
Step 3 - mount the clock hands
Step 4 - clean up the room

After (all clean!)
I love my new clock, and I've had so many compliments, too!! Let me know if you're taking on a project like this. I'd love to offer assistance or suggestions!

09 October 2009


I want a house worthy of a chandelier like this...

pic from here

08 October 2009

Toucan Tango

I spend my days surrounded by flesh colored walls covered in tropical island pics. It really is quite serene (at times).

But most days, the islands are too far away.

Until today. *grin*

Last night I got a package in the mail from my sister. And inside was none other than a Toucan Tango kit!

What's a Toucan Tango kit, you ask?

Well, it's a paper toucan you cut out and put together. When you're all done, it tangos!

I know you're all so jealous!

02 October 2009

Can Friday Get Any Better?

So I went down to the cafeteria here at work just a little while ago. Looking for a snack.

To my surprise, there was a new sign on the ice cream cooler.

Pudding Pops $.50

Seriously. Seriously... you're selling Pudding Pops?!?! Maybe this place IS heaven!

(no where near it. trust me)