10 September 2009

The Princess Is In Another Castle.

photo from here

Since you're bored and reading my blog... you should visit www.weheartit.com. It's a bunch of fabulous pics that people "heart" all over the internet. Maybe you could heart something too.

Btw... I think the impact of Super Mario Brothers is severely underestimated.


  1. I was talking about turtle tip two days ago with someone... as a metaphor about Easter Eggs that developers put into code in website now. My friend just put keyboard cat into an Easter Egg in a website, then quit the agency, then the agency's client found his Easter Egg in the web site the agency built for the client, and the client called Mike to see if he wanted a job at the client. We all laughed about that.

  2. still one of the most fun halloween costumes ever... thank god for childhood games.

    and yes- pretty sure tonight will quench some good vodka cravings. yummm

  3. So you too have been missing in action.. boo hoo