03 September 2009

More Favorite Things

A while back, I did this post highlighting a few of my favorite websites. Then, LMB over at A Little Blog About Nothing deemed me worthy of the "Love Ya" Award. Not knowing too much about awards and how these things work on Blogger, I did some research. Looks like I gotta post my list of favorite things, only BlogStyle. So here we go.

The “Love Ya” Award

The list of blogs that follow are exceedingly charming. The funny, off-the-wall posts get me through the days I need it most. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They frequently leave wonderful comments on my posts and encourage me in ways they can't even understand. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.
Please give a little attention to these blogs. Those who receive this award are asked to pass the award along to their favorite blogs. Keep it going and keep the rest of us in the loop, so we may never be without good blog fodder.
In no particular order:

1) AAB at 27 Dresses In Cleveland. Her dating adventures are incredible. And I admire her for sharing all with the world. She always makes me laugh... like out loud... at work.

2) For every fashionable part of your life, check this girl out: DesignMom. I may not be a mom, but she's got some great stuff going on her website (and it's not all mom stuff). LOVE IT!

3) When you need something to cheer you up, check out Pretty Good. Her pictures are everyday items, beautifully portrayed.

4) For serious laughs, check out TechnicalSupport. It's random goodness that always keeps me going. She's got a lot to say and is one of the best storytellers I know.

5) Alright, I admit. I was searching for bacon and came across I Was Told There Would Be Bacon. One post got me hooked, now I can almost smell the bacon everytime I go to her page.

6) And CC at Sunshine Lovin' convinced me to start blogging. I frequented her page for a while, but realized there were so many random things in my life, I wanted to share them too. So thanks.. for getting it all started. Now I'm hooked.

Now, if I didn't mention you, it doesn't mean I don't follow your blog, or enjoy it just as much as those above. Honestly, these were the first few that came up on the Recent Posts list. heh. There's probably over 20 that I follow regularly, so check back and you'll be highlighted.

Keep posting everyone. Cuz we know I'm sittin here reading them... every day. Beggin for new posts to keep me entertained.


  1. eeek! aww thanks lovee. this seriously just made my day. bleck what a day it's been...

  2. i just saw this!! yay! thanks girlie. this just made me so happy. YAYYYYY! you made my day as well...just like heisschic up there, another one of my favorites:)