14 October 2009

Always New Projects

There are always new projects in my life. Crafts, fixing or cleaning something, constructing, cooking, washing, etc. It's sick and twisted, but...

I love projects!!

So in one of our spare bedrooms, I've got a giant table. GIANT. It's just out there in the middle of the room and ready to be used for crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, designing and printing invitations/announcements, gift wrapping or doing homework.

Well, I've always been a fan of clocks. Growing up, my parents had TONS of clocks in every room. And for my crafting room, I wanted one of those SUPER huge clocks to hang on the wall.

Have you ever looked into those clocks?!? They're so darn expensive!!

I came up with a different plan...

Before (notice the messiness)

Step 1 - project the clockface design on the wall

Step 2 - paint the face on the wall
Step 3 - mount the clock hands
Step 4 - clean up the room

After (all clean!)
I love my new clock, and I've had so many compliments, too!! Let me know if you're taking on a project like this. I'd love to offer assistance or suggestions!

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