18 August 2009

Look Out!!

Loofah's scare me. Growing up, I specifically remember a light blue loofah that hung in the shower for months. I'm not sure if anyone ever used it.

Being the curious person I am, one day I tried to figure out loofahs are made. (Yeah, I'm one of those nerds.) Well, if you dig deep into the loofah, you'll find it's just tulle bunched around and held in place with a zip tie. Nothing fancy, right? (The people who thought of these things must be making a FORTUNE!)

Well I didn't just find the zip tie in that light blue one, I also found a nice bit of mold growing. ICK! *cringe*

And that's when my fear of mold started. I haven't touched a loofah since.

(PS... my husband has a pink one in the shower now.)