03 August 2009

It's Official...

... I've Become My Mother.

My husband told me that this past weekend we were going to work on the house. We needed to clean, and do some of the little projects so they stop just sitting there waiting to be done.
So alas, I spent my weekend working. Mind you, I enjoy that kinda thing. I was a busy bee up until 10:08pm last night. When I saw the clock, I contemplated baking muffins, or just going to bed.

The bed won.

Anyway... back to the story behind this title. I realized this weekend that my mom passed along all of her qualities to me. And now that we have a little nest of our own, I'm able to use those qualities.

Cleaning, cooking, sewing, plumbing, organizing, building, constructioning, and general ordering others around.

I know it doesn't sound so fantastic, but I amazed myself yesterday before noon. I'd already cut fabric, sewed four curtains, cleaned the windows, bought new hardware for the curtain rods, hung the curtains (using power tools), and moved onto fixing the toilet - not to mention getting an amazing dinner ready for my in-laws.

And then I wondered how people do it... when they're not Betty's daughter. I've got friends who don't know how to use a sewing machine, and others who have no desire to learn. Friends who can't even tell you what the "crossy" screwdriver is called. Other friends who would pay $150 for someone to come fix the toilet when I spent $3.73 and 15 minutes of my time.

I guess I'm just glad for being who I am... and damn lucky to be me. (I already sent Mom a thank you card for making me who I am... she likes that sorta thing.)


  1. Can you come live with me...I have a TON of projects that need to be done.

  2. That's pretty cool. I can't use a sewing machine (not that I haven't tried but it doesn't work for me), and the toilet thing, yeah I'd be the one to pay someone. I just hate those kinds of things, and if you enjoy it great, but to me, if I don't enjoy something I don't tend to do it. I spend 10 hours four days a week doing things I don't enjoy. Wish I found my happy place with a toilet and screwdriver in hand.