13 August 2009

Days of Summer

Well kids, summer's just about done. Next week is back to school. So today, we're taking a trip down memory lane.

This trip's all about board games. Growing up, we played board games ALL THE TIME at my house. The basement had an entire wall full of bookshelves. And the bookshelves were piled to the ceiling (literally) with board games. My friends would come over to our house cuz we had the best games. And usually, we were too lazy to take them back to the basement, so there was a convenient hidden storage place under the couch in the living room for some of our favorites.

A few of my personal favs (not so much for my family, however):

1) Fireball Island. This one was pretty cool with the 3-D board and moving parts. It took forever to set up, no one ever understood the rules, and the game lasted around 2 hours - or until someone got so fed up trying to understand the caves that they quit.

2) Sweet Valley High. Kinda like a game of memory, yet you move game pieces around a board. You collect 5 things (prom dress, surfboard, library book, etc.) for your character and first one back home wins. I was never allowed to read the Sweet Valley High books until I was in high school. Of course, by then they weren't hip. The best part about the game was when I'd beg my dad to play. He was such a great sport about taking on a female character and searching for his prom dress.

3) Double Dare At Home. Remember this popular 80s game show? Where teams of two or four (Family Double Dare) would hang out with Mark Summers for an hour and slide around in gook moving globs of gooey stuff across the floor. The best was the obstacle course at the end where you had to reach your hands up the giant nose in search of a flag. Anyway... I had the At Home game. It was full of stunts and games to do at home. Most of which were too messy and stupid, so we only did a few of them. Still fun to play though.

So those are a few of my favorite board games. What were your favorites?

(A more exciting post coming later. Hopefully.)

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  1. Masterpiece which they no longer make and a friend tracked down for me a few years back.

    I also loved the old version of the Mystery Date game which my older sisters had and would bring out at Christmas to play. Depending who was behind the door as your date, determined the # of shots you had.