27 August 2009


ac⋅ro⋅pho⋅bi⋅a [ak-ruh-foh-bee-uh] - noun:
a pathological fear of heights.

I am in no way acrophobic. I could spend all day at the top of a tall building, just watching. Now, I don't like to dance on window ledges 13 stories up, but I do enjoy the view from many tall places like these:
Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

Pikes Peak - Colorado Springs, CO

CN Tower - Toronto, Canada

(View through the glass floor.)

Space Needle - Seattle, WA

Who wouldn't love to see these places? Seriously. Even the city buildings are gorgeous!

I can't wait until my next adventure... hopefully back to Europe.

24 August 2009

20 August 2009

The Left Lane Is For Passing!

In high school, my friend kept a 3 x 5 index card tucked in the passenger side sunvisor. Written in black ink, very simply was the word "moron." It wasn't until very recently that I realized the usefulness of this little gem:

I could use it every day on my way to work.

19 August 2009

I'll take two.

This was the exact image on my page-a-day calendar yesterday highlighting Sylt, Germany.

I'm so enamored with how wonderful it would be to sit there all day long. Aren't those chairs the coolest?! Here's the wiki about the strandkorb.

If you feel like donating one to my cause (the need to feel as though I'm on vacation all the time), please let me know and I'd be happy to give you the address to where you can send it.

18 August 2009

I Have Seen The Light!

I got it!!

Men are jerks because women nag.
Women nag because men are jerks.
Chad, you must be the smartest person I know.

Look Out!!

Loofah's scare me. Growing up, I specifically remember a light blue loofah that hung in the shower for months. I'm not sure if anyone ever used it.

Being the curious person I am, one day I tried to figure out loofahs are made. (Yeah, I'm one of those nerds.) Well, if you dig deep into the loofah, you'll find it's just tulle bunched around and held in place with a zip tie. Nothing fancy, right? (The people who thought of these things must be making a FORTUNE!)

Well I didn't just find the zip tie in that light blue one, I also found a nice bit of mold growing. ICK! *cringe*

And that's when my fear of mold started. I haven't touched a loofah since.

(PS... my husband has a pink one in the shower now.)

14 August 2009

Website Write-Ups

It's Friday!!

That means another edition of Website Write-Ups... Alright, alright. You can go back as far as you want and you'll find NO OTHER Website Write-Up Fridays on this blog. Maybe it's something I'll start.

I love to see the other blogs who have specific theme days every week. Examples... Daily Tea Time, Rant and Rave Wednesdays or Photo Of The Day. I'd love to do something like that called Friday Website Write-Ups (needs a new name) but I know I won't keep up with it. So here's a random review. How's that?

One new site I found this week is called Alice. You remember Alice from the Brady Bunch...

Well, this website is your own version of the perfect housekeeper. You load it up with all the products you buy on a normal basis (cleaning, batteries, toilet paper, hygiene, etc.). And it will keep a shopping list for you.

You store information like 3 boxes of Kleenex tissues every 2 months. When 2 months rolls around, it emails you that it's time to re-order. They keep a record of all purchases you make... and even apply all public coupons to your order. It's the cheapest price available.

And we haven't even covered the best part... 2 day shipping... FREE!! That means, no more going to the stupid store!

I haven't ordered anything yet, but check it out when you can. Happy weekend!

13 August 2009

Days of Summer

Well kids, summer's just about done. Next week is back to school. So today, we're taking a trip down memory lane.

This trip's all about board games. Growing up, we played board games ALL THE TIME at my house. The basement had an entire wall full of bookshelves. And the bookshelves were piled to the ceiling (literally) with board games. My friends would come over to our house cuz we had the best games. And usually, we were too lazy to take them back to the basement, so there was a convenient hidden storage place under the couch in the living room for some of our favorites.

A few of my personal favs (not so much for my family, however):

1) Fireball Island. This one was pretty cool with the 3-D board and moving parts. It took forever to set up, no one ever understood the rules, and the game lasted around 2 hours - or until someone got so fed up trying to understand the caves that they quit.

2) Sweet Valley High. Kinda like a game of memory, yet you move game pieces around a board. You collect 5 things (prom dress, surfboard, library book, etc.) for your character and first one back home wins. I was never allowed to read the Sweet Valley High books until I was in high school. Of course, by then they weren't hip. The best part about the game was when I'd beg my dad to play. He was such a great sport about taking on a female character and searching for his prom dress.

3) Double Dare At Home. Remember this popular 80s game show? Where teams of two or four (Family Double Dare) would hang out with Mark Summers for an hour and slide around in gook moving globs of gooey stuff across the floor. The best was the obstacle course at the end where you had to reach your hands up the giant nose in search of a flag. Anyway... I had the At Home game. It was full of stunts and games to do at home. Most of which were too messy and stupid, so we only did a few of them. Still fun to play though.

So those are a few of my favorite board games. What were your favorites?

(A more exciting post coming later. Hopefully.)

11 August 2009


It's so sad that some people don't particularly like culture-ish things like musicals. My husband in particular.

Luckily, I have girlfriends and sisters willing to do those "oh-so-boring" things - like seeing Mary Poppins!!

The tickets are purchased and we're going on Sunday! WOO HOO!!

A Family Of Rednecks

I'm not sure my husband knew what he'd married into until this past weekend. And unfortunately I was too busy at the beer wagon to pull out my camera to capture the Kodak moments. So you'll have to use your imagination a little...

My cousin just bought a house. He's a single 25 year old (any single ladies out there for this stud?). Mark is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and honestly... he's a big ole teddy bear.

So as a house warming party, he decided to have a hog roast. For those of you who've never been to a hog roast, think along these lines:

Yes, the whole darn pig roasted over an open fire for 14 hours or so.

Anyway... what goes best with a hog roast? That's right - beer. And lots of it. So we pull up to my cousin's house to be greeted by this:

Much of the evening is spent chatting with the relatives and friends. Chowin down on the yummy pulled pork and all the homemade sides to go with it (think hashbrown casserole, greenbeans, pies, cookies, brownies, etc.)

And did I mention Mark has a pool in the back yard? Yeah, nice party spot for a single guy. So while we were getting ready to hit the pool (around 9 or so) and the ladies were all cleaning up the dishes, we found an OVERSIZED bottle of Jagermeister in Mark's freezer - with a pump on top. Perfect!

Next thing I know, Grandma's sipping the Jagermeister... cuz it accidentally pumped out and we couldn't let it go to waste. Well, we told her she couldn't sip it, we had to shoot it!

After a few rounds of Jagermeister shots with Grandma, we hit the pool. And on the radio was a little David Allen Coe - You Don't Have To Call Me Darlin, Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places (obviously), and then came the one I'd never heard before...

Trailer Choir - Rockin' The Beer Gut (I can't find the lyrics or a video to link due to stupid Websense... but check it out, seriously it's about a woman.)

So we rocked out in the pool, drunk, in the dark, and had a blast until around 2am. And on the way home, my husband turned to me - hangover and all - and said, "Wow... hog roasts are fun! We should do that more often!" My reply was, "Just wait til Grandma's birthday next year... That'll be one hellofa bash!"

Great party, Mark. Thanks!

06 August 2009

Why Must They Rule The World?

Car insurance drive me B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Due to the recently purchased house, in a different city, I'm still changing our address on certain things.
For instance, it would make sense
to change our drivers licenses first
so we have proof of address,
but that's still on the list of things to do.
Anyway, I just called to change our address with our car (motorcycle and homeowners) insurance. And with our new address, our car insurance went up! Like a RIDICULOUS amount!
The dumbest part of this whole song and dance is that our old neighborhood was next to a trailer park with our cars sitting outside with strangers walking by 24 hours a day.

Now we're in a nice neighborhood with a garage and our freakin insurance goes up. And I'm not complaining about a few measly dollars here... I'm talking $40 a MONTH! That's crazy!

And it's not like you can just cancel your policy. You have to have car insurance. It's the law.

And they're not even giving us a discount for having multiple lines of coverage. They've got the homeowner's insurance, too. We're gitting ripped off. This is stupid.

05 August 2009

Blogger is RETARDED sometimes!

Alright... so I always double-space my paragraphs. Always.

Why is it, sometimes Blogger takes out the spaces? It's just stupid.


btw... men are stupid. Sorry, PorkStar.

A New Perspective

Sometimes we just have to take a new perspective on life. I guess early-August is just as good as January 1.
Take a look at the interesting staircase/bookcase in the pic above. Here's the website with more pics.

03 August 2009

They Must Be The Smartest Person Alive!

I stopped by my local Steak N Shake for lunch today. And needless to say, they're really smart.

Their to-go container for the fries fits in your cup holder! (Much like the one seen here, however from Steak N Shake, not Krystal.) It stands upright on its own, and is PERFECT for being in the car.

So if you're ever on the road and in search of fast food, don't overlook SnS. Not only is their fry container perfect, the fries are DELICIOUS!

It's Official...

... I've Become My Mother.

My husband told me that this past weekend we were going to work on the house. We needed to clean, and do some of the little projects so they stop just sitting there waiting to be done.
So alas, I spent my weekend working. Mind you, I enjoy that kinda thing. I was a busy bee up until 10:08pm last night. When I saw the clock, I contemplated baking muffins, or just going to bed.

The bed won.

Anyway... back to the story behind this title. I realized this weekend that my mom passed along all of her qualities to me. And now that we have a little nest of our own, I'm able to use those qualities.

Cleaning, cooking, sewing, plumbing, organizing, building, constructioning, and general ordering others around.

I know it doesn't sound so fantastic, but I amazed myself yesterday before noon. I'd already cut fabric, sewed four curtains, cleaned the windows, bought new hardware for the curtain rods, hung the curtains (using power tools), and moved onto fixing the toilet - not to mention getting an amazing dinner ready for my in-laws.

And then I wondered how people do it... when they're not Betty's daughter. I've got friends who don't know how to use a sewing machine, and others who have no desire to learn. Friends who can't even tell you what the "crossy" screwdriver is called. Other friends who would pay $150 for someone to come fix the toilet when I spent $3.73 and 15 minutes of my time.

I guess I'm just glad for being who I am... and damn lucky to be me. (I already sent Mom a thank you card for making me who I am... she likes that sorta thing.)