09 July 2009


So the No Doubt concert rocked the place last night!! It was way better than I expected and I'd recommend their show to anyone.

I wasn't too excited about going to the concert last night, however when we got there, I realized my husband is a "people watcher" - much like myself. This now opens a whole new door of opportunities for us. The bad part is... he's a BAD people watcher. He does it quite obviously, however his quick witted one-liners more than make up for the fact that the so-called GiantWatermelonComingThrough just heard him comment about her size and wardrobe.

On other topics... we're cashing in our change jug tonight. We've been saving change for two years and it's finally time to cash it in and see what we can save. Hopefully it's a couple hundred bucks... then we'll be RICH!

Cuz tomorrow's the big day before vacation. Packing tonight and heading straight out of this hell hole tomorrow after work. A whole week with Mickey. Be still my heart.

Miss me. I'll be enjoying life outside of technology for a week. (We'll see how I last.)


  1. hey, enjoy your vacation...

    I wonder what the giantwatermelon had to say about that comment lol

  2. People watching is the best!

    Enjoy the vacation....