28 July 2009

Medieval Times

I've been having some pretty strange dreams lately.

Two nights ago, it was about a friend of mine divorcing and leaving her husband. Their one year anniversary is this weekend. Strange, huh? I'm not telling my friend for fear she might shun me for dreaming that.

Last night, the dream fairy surprised me with a war dream. I'm a girl... I don't have war dreams. I've never been in a war, never shot a gun, why would I dream about war?

So anyway... the dream was about my house being booby trapped. (That's what I said, bootie trap.) There were these little glass balls filled with an explosive substance. When you moved them, they blew up. Well, the sneaky people who booby trapped my house always made a pile of toilet paper on the floor and put one of those bombs on top of the pile.

OoOoOooo as if I didn't see that.
I was really careful to walk around the delicate pile of toilet paper so as not to make the bomb explode. When *WHAM*...
My husband elbowed me IN THE EYE SOCKET!
For reals. So I yelled at him in the middle of the night and made him apologize. I hope I don't get a black eyes. It still hurts.

1 comment:

  1. Ouch! An elbow in the eye is always bad, especially when you were previously asleep. That dream is bizarre. What did you eat before bed?