31 July 2009

Laughing Not Necessary

So my friends make fun of me... but I'm good with it.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a happy hour with some friends of mine from work. It was just a restaurant/bar on a Friday night, and we hung out for a while.

The evening was winding down and people had started leaving. M and I had scheduled a "date night" for that Friday night (but wound up scratching dinner for the happy hour - cuz booze for dinner makes the whole day better!)

A little background: Our "date nights" include a nice dinner out somewhere,
then spending around an hour at the grocery store.
We get the groceries and head home where we
both help carry in and put the groceries away
and it works out well.
I hate going by myself, and he doesn't like to go at all...
so we both compromise.

While at dinner on "date night" we make a list of all the meals
we'll have for the next two weeks.
We talk about what's going on, upcoming plans,
and who's going to be home for dinner when.
It's a good communication thing.
Oh... and we save money.

So before we left the happy hour, we agreed the trip to the grocery store was still on. So I pulled out some scrap paper and a pen and we started making the two week list. Talking about dinners and what's going on, and making the grocery list as we went along.

Now, more than a month later, my friends won't let me live it down. Especially for doing that at HAPPY HOUR - *gasp* of all places! Whatever. Leave me alone.

It works for M and I... what's wrong with that? I guess they're all just jealous cuz they're single and eat whatever fast food has the shortest drive thru lineup as they're passing by.


  1. yea sounds like youre good with it- until the last line.

    im not sure why my first reaction to the last line was to be offended. im single. definitely not jealous. and most of my friends get fat when they get married.

    it sounds like our friends are opposites of each other (your friends are maybe unhealthy and single, mine are unhealthy and married). it also sounds like you and i are both ok though. yay!

    ha however, i'm not making fun of you. i do the same thing- the lists and all that. i just shop by (and usually for) myself. im used to it. i find it soothing.

  2. I'm impressed you could drink and write a shopping list.

    Hubby and I go to dinner before shopping because shopping on an empty stomach = disaster. However, since I'm subjecting him to a crazy ass cooking experiment, I've made the list before we head out to dinner.

  3. yes shopping on empty stomach is baaaaaaad idea ;)
    hubby and I also have date night :) its good to make the effort. :)