30 July 2009

Interesting Jobs

Due to current circumstances, today at lunch I spent a few minutes coming up with those jobs that would never be boring. Always something new, every single day. Doesn't that sound appealing? Moreso than sitting here daydreaming.

Here are the few I came up with. If you've got any suggestions, let me know...

1) The Trashman. Always something new... every day. Job security. And the occasional free couch.

2) Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. Her job is to travel around with some unknown cameraman (probably a hottie) and stay at the nicest, largest, most beautiful hotels in the world. I wanna go.

3) Packers - Alright, so I'm in the moving business. I think being a packer would be SO interesting. Every day you go to a different customer's house and pack their things. You go through their drawers and load everything in a box. Not hard work. Not heavy work. Just pack up stuff. Oh the interesting things you'd find.

4) The Apple Store Genius Bar. I wanna work here. Mostly because I dig nerdy guys. And again, it would be interesting. You get to see other people's computers... and see the weird things they do, surf, and see.

5) The receptionist at the doctor's office. I'm talking about the lady who answers the phone. Her last question is always "And what are the symptoms you're calling about? What is it you have?" Can you imagine how many people call because it burns when they urinate? See... interesting stuff!

6) The Dry Cleaners. Again... people bring their clothes in for you to clean or get stains out. It's just a small glimpse into the personal lives of others. Intriguing to me.

7) The Cruise Ship Director of Fun - I wanna be THAT guy. For obvious reasons. Who wouldn't?
So maybe I'm just nosey. Maybe I just want to see the secrets of other's lives. Maybe I just want to have fun while I'm young. No matter what... I don't want to be here.
Now... what job would you find interesting? I'm keeping a list should I ever need a job.

1 comment:

  1. An executive assistant - sometimes you're typing documents and organizing events, and other days you're watering plants at your boss's house or trying out how to fix a ham radio. Never a dull moment...if you don't mind being treated like crap.