31 July 2009

Unanswered Prayers

photo from unknown - sorry!
I *adore* this pic. Makes me wanna get married all over again... but to that guy.

Laughing Not Necessary

So my friends make fun of me... but I'm good with it.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a happy hour with some friends of mine from work. It was just a restaurant/bar on a Friday night, and we hung out for a while.

The evening was winding down and people had started leaving. M and I had scheduled a "date night" for that Friday night (but wound up scratching dinner for the happy hour - cuz booze for dinner makes the whole day better!)

A little background: Our "date nights" include a nice dinner out somewhere,
then spending around an hour at the grocery store.
We get the groceries and head home where we
both help carry in and put the groceries away
and it works out well.
I hate going by myself, and he doesn't like to go at all...
so we both compromise.

While at dinner on "date night" we make a list of all the meals
we'll have for the next two weeks.
We talk about what's going on, upcoming plans,
and who's going to be home for dinner when.
It's a good communication thing.
Oh... and we save money.

So before we left the happy hour, we agreed the trip to the grocery store was still on. So I pulled out some scrap paper and a pen and we started making the two week list. Talking about dinners and what's going on, and making the grocery list as we went along.

Now, more than a month later, my friends won't let me live it down. Especially for doing that at HAPPY HOUR - *gasp* of all places! Whatever. Leave me alone.

It works for M and I... what's wrong with that? I guess they're all just jealous cuz they're single and eat whatever fast food has the shortest drive thru lineup as they're passing by.

30 July 2009

Interesting Jobs

Due to current circumstances, today at lunch I spent a few minutes coming up with those jobs that would never be boring. Always something new, every single day. Doesn't that sound appealing? Moreso than sitting here daydreaming.

Here are the few I came up with. If you've got any suggestions, let me know...

1) The Trashman. Always something new... every day. Job security. And the occasional free couch.

2) Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. Her job is to travel around with some unknown cameraman (probably a hottie) and stay at the nicest, largest, most beautiful hotels in the world. I wanna go.

3) Packers - Alright, so I'm in the moving business. I think being a packer would be SO interesting. Every day you go to a different customer's house and pack their things. You go through their drawers and load everything in a box. Not hard work. Not heavy work. Just pack up stuff. Oh the interesting things you'd find.

4) The Apple Store Genius Bar. I wanna work here. Mostly because I dig nerdy guys. And again, it would be interesting. You get to see other people's computers... and see the weird things they do, surf, and see.

5) The receptionist at the doctor's office. I'm talking about the lady who answers the phone. Her last question is always "And what are the symptoms you're calling about? What is it you have?" Can you imagine how many people call because it burns when they urinate? See... interesting stuff!

6) The Dry Cleaners. Again... people bring their clothes in for you to clean or get stains out. It's just a small glimpse into the personal lives of others. Intriguing to me.

7) The Cruise Ship Director of Fun - I wanna be THAT guy. For obvious reasons. Who wouldn't?
So maybe I'm just nosey. Maybe I just want to see the secrets of other's lives. Maybe I just want to have fun while I'm young. No matter what... I don't want to be here.
Now... what job would you find interesting? I'm keeping a list should I ever need a job.

D Day

Today's D Day at work. Yep, that's right. Donation Day.

I'm not sure who thinks it's absolutely FABULOUS to wear blue jeans to work. Seriously... they're uncomfortable, unforgiving, and relatively unflattering. I'd much rather be wearing a skirt or something a little less restrictive.

Anyway... back to Donation Day. Today, you could wear blue jeans to work IF you donated three school supply items or $3. THREE DOLLARS!?!

picture from here

I realize that not all families can afford school supplies, especially in this economy. But come on... don't MAKE me donate.

It's not really a "goodwill gesture" if you FORCE it upon me. Blah. I didn't wear jeans today.

So there!

29 July 2009

Ruling the World One Chocolate Bar at a Time

My friends are the best. Seriously. I don't know of anyone with better friends. And I'm not talking about the couple of people you go out with on Fridays. I'm talking about my entire "family of friends."

Right now - I can name 15 unrelated households who would welcome me with open arms, should I need a place to stay. It's incredible.

And it's really hard for me to understand that some people don't talk to their friends from high school anymore. Those girlfriends are my rock. We all pick up right where we left off. And we all know what to say when nothing else will do the trick.

Oh... and we all know how to have fun like say... on a cruise. Anyone wanna go? I can always use more friends.

28 July 2009

Medieval Times

I've been having some pretty strange dreams lately.

Two nights ago, it was about a friend of mine divorcing and leaving her husband. Their one year anniversary is this weekend. Strange, huh? I'm not telling my friend for fear she might shun me for dreaming that.

Last night, the dream fairy surprised me with a war dream. I'm a girl... I don't have war dreams. I've never been in a war, never shot a gun, why would I dream about war?

So anyway... the dream was about my house being booby trapped. (That's what I said, bootie trap.) There were these little glass balls filled with an explosive substance. When you moved them, they blew up. Well, the sneaky people who booby trapped my house always made a pile of toilet paper on the floor and put one of those bombs on top of the pile.

OoOoOooo as if I didn't see that.
I was really careful to walk around the delicate pile of toilet paper so as not to make the bomb explode. When *WHAM*...
My husband elbowed me IN THE EYE SOCKET!
For reals. So I yelled at him in the middle of the night and made him apologize. I hope I don't get a black eyes. It still hurts.

24 July 2009

My Favorite Things

Here's a quick list of things you should know about.

1. Thinnerware - seen here.

2. Awkward Family Photos - seen here. (Websensed at work, but hilarious stuff.)

3. Xtremely Tropical - seen here.

4. ETCHamac - seen here.

5. Tastebook - seen here.

6. The banana, of course - seen here.

7. Fresh Blend Media - seen here.

8. Wonderful World News - seen here.

And of course the traditional raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. More favorite things to come in the future. Maybe a Friday Favorites post?

23 July 2009

Italian Food

So I live in St. Louis. And everyone raves about the Italian restaurants on "The Hill." Apparently they're the best in the area. Everything's authentic, and made fresh, and I don't get it.

My favorite Italian restaurant is in the "armpit of America" - Buffalo, NY. Looks something like this:

They have freshbaked bread (literally from the oven to your table) and the pasta is 100% homemade - same day. But beware, La Bella Sicilia only accepts cash.

Now, if only I was going to the Buffalo Airport...

22 July 2009

My boss wears fringe.

I work in a very unique environment. Really.

When I say a "unique environment," I think of the office my sister works in. Fun, hip people. Bold, bright colors. Lava lamps for Pete's sake! Chalkboard on the wall that people draw on just for fun. A basketball court in one of the conference rooms. Anything.

But the unique environment I work in has none of those things. I've got one better.

My boss wears fringe.

photo from here

Paradise - I know you're jealous of the flesh-colored walls.

21 July 2009

The Vacation Blues

Why is it, every time I come back from vacation, I feel like crap?

When we came home from Jamaica last year, I was sick for a week. Completely sick. Alright, so that must have been from the melted ice in my fruity umbrella drinks. Maybe I should have listened when they said brush your teeth with bottled water.

But this time, we were in Florida. Just Florida... and I feel like poo. I'm exhausted. No... exhausted doesn't even describe how I feel. I went to bed last night at 8:30pm. I slept until 6:00 this morning. That's ridiculous! And I could go to bed right now and not wake up until morning.

I don't like being back at work, but I certainly don't like being back at work feeling crappy. It makes the day drag on.

And trust me, these days don't need to last any longer than they already do.

20 July 2009

one week with my family and you realize...

there is no such thing as

fun for the whole family.

09 July 2009


So the No Doubt concert rocked the place last night!! It was way better than I expected and I'd recommend their show to anyone.

I wasn't too excited about going to the concert last night, however when we got there, I realized my husband is a "people watcher" - much like myself. This now opens a whole new door of opportunities for us. The bad part is... he's a BAD people watcher. He does it quite obviously, however his quick witted one-liners more than make up for the fact that the so-called GiantWatermelonComingThrough just heard him comment about her size and wardrobe.

On other topics... we're cashing in our change jug tonight. We've been saving change for two years and it's finally time to cash it in and see what we can save. Hopefully it's a couple hundred bucks... then we'll be RICH!

Cuz tomorrow's the big day before vacation. Packing tonight and heading straight out of this hell hole tomorrow after work. A whole week with Mickey. Be still my heart.

Miss me. I'll be enjoying life outside of technology for a week. (We'll see how I last.)

01 July 2009

TV Wasn't Meant for This

I don't watch much tv... but this is something you've GOTTA check out.

The show's called Dance Your Ass Off (I didn't know they could say @$$ on tv... but whatever) and it's on the Oxygen channel.

I randomly came across it last night for the first week's results show. Think a combo of Dancing With The Stars and The Biggest Loser. Here's a pic from last night's show:

If nothing else, it makes me wanna shake it like those women did last night, I don't know what would. To wiggle my butt just standing still - amazing. And some of them did the splits!!