01 June 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Today's Punky Monster's 1st Birthday! What better way to celebrate than with puppy ice cream and a party!

Today was the first morning for getting ready at the new house and leaving her home all day by herself. It's a bit upsetting that I can't go home at lunch and see her anymore. But I know she'll have fun by herself and be even more happy to see us at night.

Speaking of the new house... Today's officially Day #38 of being homeowners and it's a little weird. Our whole morning routine is a bit out of whack. And it's going to take some time to make everything feel "right" about living there. I never thought it would be as strange as it is.

The big move went off without a hitch last Friday (the 29th). I dropped the puppy off at the vet to have her two canine teeth extracted since they didn't fall out on their own. By 8am, my father-in-law was at the apartment to take me to get the UHaul. We picked up the UHaul at 8:15 and had it parked and ready to go when the movers showed up at 8:55am. They packed and loaded the truck as full as they could possibly get it in just over 2 hours.

Then we were all on our way over to the house. It was all hands on deck to get that truck unloaded. The day was starting to get hot and we had a LONG way to go. It took a while, but the movers got the bedroom furniture upstairs and before I knew it, the whole truck was empty!

Except now, the house was full! How could we have so much stuff crammed into that little apartment?! It's amazing how fast our house filled up. I hate to think about the stuff we're going to collect in the future!

By 1:30, everyone was gone and the truck was empty. Then started the housecleaning crew. My mom and sister came over to help put the place together. We made the bed, set all the furniture and started putting things back together one piece at a time. Those women are amazing.

Now all we have left is the stuff at the apartment that wouldn't fit into the truck... two bathrooms and a kitchen. Not to mention curtains and towels, and the random closet that's packed with stuff. JOY!

Little by little, it'll all be moved over... but right now it just seems like it'll be Christmas before we're all settled in.
Hopefully we can get a little more normalcy back in our lives. At least we have Punky Monster to keep us smiling.

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