23 June 2009


I'm a traveler. My hubby isn't so much.

I decided this morning that I never NEED to visit Thailand. My entire life, I've been up for going anywhere.... with the desire to see everyplace on Earth.

But this morning, Thailand is out. No need to go.

Mostly due to this:

photo borrowed from here

I still LOVE this movie. Love Claire Danes. Love Kate Beckinsale. Just not in love with Thailand.


  1. I guess i should not watch this movie till after I visit thailand... whenvever that may be.

  2. I saw that quite a while back, but if I remember correctly it was very depressing. I'm not on board the ship headed to Thailand, either. N. Korea isn't seeming too appealing either, lately ;)

  3. I still wont go there even if i didnt watch that movie. Just because.... : )

  4. Don't watch Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic Channel.

    I love to travel, but after watching this show regularly there are so many places I don't want to go to (Thailand is one of them).