03 June 2009


This is really rude of me to say... but I can't stand people who aren't the least bit technically savvy.

I'm not talking about my grandma. She doesn't need a computer, nor try to figure one out.

It's those who can't figure things out on their own. Or don't know what *.* is. *.* means EVERYTHING. Absolutely EVERY file, no matter what type. It's a freakin wildcard search. How hard is that to grasp?

I've been running IE7 for OVER two years. I downloaded the beta version before it was available for actual release. How can you NOT know where to go for the "Tools" Option?? Ugh. And why is it the middle of 2009 until you get it on your computer?!

If you're reading this, I can honestly say you don't fall into this category. Don't worry. Don't overanalyze your skills. You're good. I like you.

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