10 June 2009

My Franklin

I've joined the "working world" and I've acquired a Franklin Covey desk calendar.

For the last several years, my position was administrative. Every September, we'd put in an order for the upcoming year's calendars. All employees could order whatever they wanted from the list of options.
A lot of the "important" people ordered the Franklin Covey refill pack. Well, upon becoming part of the non-administrative world, I acquired a Franklin Covey myself.
First of all, I'm no where NEAR important enough to use the thing to it's full potential. But I leave it out on my desk none-the-less. I keep flipping the pages and trying to find more uses than I already have for it. But mostly, it's extra doodling paper for those boring meetings I generally fall asleep in.
What bothers me the most... the other day, I heard someone refer to it as "My Franklin" followed by a little hug of the stupid calendar. I thought that was a bit ridiculous... after all, it's not my child.

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