03 June 2009

The Morning Commute Ritual

I'm new to this whole morning commute thing. With the new house, it takes me 30 minutes to get to work - average.
Monday was 30 minutes, yesterday was 25 minutes and today was Day #3 of the morning commute and it lasted 35 minutes.

I'm not sure how people stay sane while driving to work in the mornings. Then it happened...
As I was driving along this morning, I came up behind a little red car - and yes, I'm a girl so I have no idea what make/model of car. It was a little red one. I figured it must have been an old grandpa stuck in the morning traffic because they were going so slow. (Those old people should stay home until after the morning rush.)
Then I noticed the sombrero. Whoever the driver, they were short. But up above the driver's seat I could see the outline of a little sombrero. One of those that you use for a Cinco de Mayo table decoration.

I decided to get a better look, so I passed the little red car. NO SOMBRERO! It was a lady in her 30s with curlers in her hair and putting mascara on.

I was both disappointed and appalled that people actually do that kinda thing. I mean, I'd heard about it, but come on... get ready at home, THEN get in the car and drive to work.


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