15 June 2009

Marvelous Monday

Ok, so it's a little overzealous of me to say, but I'm having such a wonderful day!

It started out pretty crappy, after all, it IS Monday. And it was pouring down rain when I left home. And the commute sucked - as normal. And it was raining the whole time, and when I got to work, it was still dreary.

Then it started DOWNPOURING with thunder and lightning... and I just love thunderstorms. But my new desk at work is stuck in the middle without a window. All I had was the sounds of the storm.

But then, for some reason, my day got better. I had a fabulous lunch (albeit at Che UniGrille). The Chicken Caesar Salad and company were to-die-for! And now I'm having such a wonderful day!!

My friend, Em is being induced tonight... that means there will be a new addition to the Superstar Clan. And that's just so darn exciting!

And tonight's the Opening Night of The Muny!! Every year, my girlfriends and I get season tickets. That makes Monday nights GIRLS NIGHT! and we get to hang out and gab... without the men in our lives. :)

Between Em's little bundle of joy and The Muny... I can hardly contain myself!

I'll let you know how things turn out in tomorrow's post.

1 comment:

  1. I like this blog. The pics are nice, and really add to the appeal. I am a visual person, so I'm instantly drawn to visual blogs. Nice rain shot, cute baby, and the salad makes me hungry!!!!