29 June 2009


I don't like to waste calories on crappy food.

Every time I think about Quiznos, my tummy starts growling and my mouth starts watering and I just can't decide what sandwich/salad I want.

So I spend five solid minutes staring at the ginormous menu on the wall, only to go with whatever blurts out of my mouth at the sandwich guy.

"I'll take the Pesto Turkey Torpedo, please."

photo from here

I've had the Italian Torpedo once before, and to say it was decent, would be very gracious. This time I thought I'd at least try a different flavor.
Basically... the entire sandwich fell apart. I lost 1/4 of the turkey on the floor when I went to take the first bite and all of the bacon, lettuce and tomatoes in my tray. I probably wouldn't try it again. I was disappointed to say the least.
And I just realized, I'm disappointed every time I go to Quiznos. Hmm... maybe I should stop going. But does that mean I have to turn down food? *ponders*

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