25 June 2009

The Land of Soft Rock and Talk Radio

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Gosh... I must really be in heaven. (If I'm 50!) I'm the luckiest girl alive because I get to spend my day overhearing everyone else's radio.

I don't have anything against the radio. Only the 3 different channels that I get to listen to each day. Mind you, they're not coming from MY radio - only my coworkers'.

So far today, I've had my fair share of NPR, news radio, Walkin On Broken Glass, Janie's Got A Gun, various Celine Dion, and now sports radio. (And that's just what I've paid attention to.)

I try very hard to mind my own business and not listen to what's going on in the flesh-colored cubicles around me, but sometimes the songs take over. There's only so much "Power of Love" you can take in an 8 hour period.

1 comment:

  1. AMEN! At least I haven't heard any Rush Limbaugh in the mix. When I hear that, I'm going to have to protest.