11 June 2009

In high school, we went to our share of concerts at Riverport. But in my early 20s... it never really hit us. Why is it... now in our late 20s... I'm going to a lot more concerts?

Last year, I saw Reba and Kelly, Tom Petty, and Brad Paisley... Tom and Brad both within a week of each other. All AWESOME concerts. :)

I wish I could have been at the Aerosmith concert last night. Last time I saw them it was the best concert ever. Although that was at The World in Chicago with my roomie, Nicole.

This summer's taking on a concert theme as well. We've already got tickets for No Doubt in July. I'd LOVE to go back to Brad Paisley in June. And Matt's pushing for Blink/Weezer/Taking Back Sunday in September. Crazy how that works.

I guess it should be an exciting summer!

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