26 June 2009


So this blog is all about me. Whatever I feel like writing. And today, it's cheese.

I love cheese. You can ask anyone I work with, anyone I'm related to, all of my friends. And they'll all tell you the same thing. I love cheese.

For instance... below is the Quarter Pounder with Cheese from your local McDonald's. Keeping in mind that it NEVER looks like this when you order it... but still. I *LOVE* the Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Royale Avec Du Fromage) mostly because it comes with TWO slices of cheese.

Next, we have your typical bar food... fried cheese. I'm not sure it gets much better than this, seriously. It's cheese, they bread and fry and you eat it when you're completely drunk. And lets not forget the potato skins. They're healthy, right? I mean, the skin of a potato is the most nutritious part. Add cheese and you're good to go.

And as if we didn't get enough cheese at the bar last night in our drunken stooper, let's have cheese for breakfast. Almost the best cheese on Earth... cream cheese. The sweet whipped goodness just slathered on a fresh bagel. It just makes my mouth water!

Other highlights starring cheese... string cheese, Land O Lakes Snack'n Cheese, cheese cubes, 3 cheese lasagna, Planter's Cheez Balls (RIP), Kraft Mac N Cheese, mexican queso dip... need I say more?
The irony starts here... I *LOVE* cheese, but my hubby doesn't eat cheese. Now this just tears my heart out. So many dishes I make are much better with cheese on top... meatloaf, salads, twice baked potatoes, italian beef sandwiches, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, etc. Unfortunately, if I do that, my hubby won't eat it. It's so frustrating!! Then again, maybe he's supposed to keep my cheese habits in check so I don't weigh 400 lbs.
Now... all things cheese aside, there's something else that makes EVERY dish better... and that's bacon. I *heart* this girl's bacon posts. Check them out.


  1. oh my stomach...

    there was this little pizza joint next to the bar in college (THE bar, yes- there was only one bar in my hick town). but that little pizza joint served cheese stuffed breadsticks. cheese, carbs, oil, and salt. i got mine with ranch on the side. heaven in a box.

    oh and if those cheese breadsticks weren't bad enough for my waistline- they came out with cheese and pepperoni stuffed breadsticks.

    now im hungry again. rats.

  2. MmmMmmmmm. Cheese stuffed breadsticks. Does life get any better than that??

    One of the chain gas stations around here sells those and the pepperoni filled ones. I don't eat much gas station food, but that's good stuff.