12 June 2009


Earlier this week, I posted about The Buttinskis and The OneUppers. Both are equally annoying to me.

Now I've got another. The SloTalkers. I'm not talking about the Seinfeld "Close Talkers." No, no... not The CloseTalkers. I'm not even talking about the rate in which someone talks. I don't mind spending all day talking to my grandma who, as of lately, started speaking really slowly. I'm not talking about those people who enunciate loudly and stop after every syllable.

I'm talking about the people who don't know how to GET TO THE POINT! Please just answer my question and let's move on with life. I don't need to know every detail about your weekend... unless I ask. I don't need your whole life history of how you got to this point in time. I just want to know how to get to the bathroom!

Have a lovely weekend... but please only tell me the really good parts.


  1. well see first i... or maybe that was second. yea that was second. first was the other thing. the thing with that one guy- you know the one, not the one with the baseball cap but with the hat thing- that guy. but that only happened because of the weather. can you believe this weather we're having? unbelievable. wait... what was i talking about?

    ha please tell me you didn't read through that cause i'm sure it was obnoxious. but yea- i'm with you on the SloTalkers.

  2. Ha ha ha!! I LOVE IT! I hope you had a great weekend, no matter what you did. And keep posting!