22 June 2009

10 things I look forward to...

10. Trying on my new Nikes. My hubby said he hid them from me somewhere in the house... that means a scavenger hunt to find them before I can open the box. ARGH!!
9. My #16 Club Lulu sandwich from Jimmy John's. Mmmmm. On the regular italian bread, leave the bread in... probably extra mayo. It's the JJ way.

8. A night of gabbing with my girlfriends. Who CAN'T use one of those now and then?!

7. Wearing my new clothes. Cuz they're new!!

6. Cleaning my car... since we're DONE moving!!

5. Organizing my new scrappin space... I'm an organizing fool.

4. Paying down the credit card bill... eventually. (No, that's not our bill.)

3. Cleaning my kitchen - and actually having a countertop!! (and not our kitchen either)

2. Spending time with my sisters. (I'm Louie)

1. Disney World!! Of course!