30 June 2009

I Work So I Can Travel.

photo from here
In 10 short days we'll be the happy family in this pic.
Throw in SEVERAL margaritas around the campfire and we'll all be havin a good time. Bring it, Disney World.

29 June 2009

The Weather Outside is Weather

photo from here

It's been freakin hot outside for the last 11 days straight. We're talkin HOT. Like summer hit STL sooner than we all expected.

But with a light shower over the weekend, today's perfect. Perfect for playing hookie from this stupid office. Any takers?
On a side note... I use the ellipsis too much when I type.
Maybe I'll try to work on that.


I don't like to waste calories on crappy food.

Every time I think about Quiznos, my tummy starts growling and my mouth starts watering and I just can't decide what sandwich/salad I want.

So I spend five solid minutes staring at the ginormous menu on the wall, only to go with whatever blurts out of my mouth at the sandwich guy.

"I'll take the Pesto Turkey Torpedo, please."

photo from here

I've had the Italian Torpedo once before, and to say it was decent, would be very gracious. This time I thought I'd at least try a different flavor.
Basically... the entire sandwich fell apart. I lost 1/4 of the turkey on the floor when I went to take the first bite and all of the bacon, lettuce and tomatoes in my tray. I probably wouldn't try it again. I was disappointed to say the least.
And I just realized, I'm disappointed every time I go to Quiznos. Hmm... maybe I should stop going. But does that mean I have to turn down food? *ponders*

26 June 2009


So this blog is all about me. Whatever I feel like writing. And today, it's cheese.

I love cheese. You can ask anyone I work with, anyone I'm related to, all of my friends. And they'll all tell you the same thing. I love cheese.

For instance... below is the Quarter Pounder with Cheese from your local McDonald's. Keeping in mind that it NEVER looks like this when you order it... but still. I *LOVE* the Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Royale Avec Du Fromage) mostly because it comes with TWO slices of cheese.

Next, we have your typical bar food... fried cheese. I'm not sure it gets much better than this, seriously. It's cheese, they bread and fry and you eat it when you're completely drunk. And lets not forget the potato skins. They're healthy, right? I mean, the skin of a potato is the most nutritious part. Add cheese and you're good to go.

And as if we didn't get enough cheese at the bar last night in our drunken stooper, let's have cheese for breakfast. Almost the best cheese on Earth... cream cheese. The sweet whipped goodness just slathered on a fresh bagel. It just makes my mouth water!

Other highlights starring cheese... string cheese, Land O Lakes Snack'n Cheese, cheese cubes, 3 cheese lasagna, Planter's Cheez Balls (RIP), Kraft Mac N Cheese, mexican queso dip... need I say more?
The irony starts here... I *LOVE* cheese, but my hubby doesn't eat cheese. Now this just tears my heart out. So many dishes I make are much better with cheese on top... meatloaf, salads, twice baked potatoes, italian beef sandwiches, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, etc. Unfortunately, if I do that, my hubby won't eat it. It's so frustrating!! Then again, maybe he's supposed to keep my cheese habits in check so I don't weigh 400 lbs.
Now... all things cheese aside, there's something else that makes EVERY dish better... and that's bacon. I *heart* this girl's bacon posts. Check them out.

25 June 2009

The Land of Soft Rock and Talk Radio

photo from here

Gosh... I must really be in heaven. (If I'm 50!) I'm the luckiest girl alive because I get to spend my day overhearing everyone else's radio.

I don't have anything against the radio. Only the 3 different channels that I get to listen to each day. Mind you, they're not coming from MY radio - only my coworkers'.

So far today, I've had my fair share of NPR, news radio, Walkin On Broken Glass, Janie's Got A Gun, various Celine Dion, and now sports radio. (And that's just what I've paid attention to.)

I try very hard to mind my own business and not listen to what's going on in the flesh-colored cubicles around me, but sometimes the songs take over. There's only so much "Power of Love" you can take in an 8 hour period.

23 June 2009


I'm a traveler. My hubby isn't so much.

I decided this morning that I never NEED to visit Thailand. My entire life, I've been up for going anywhere.... with the desire to see everyplace on Earth.

But this morning, Thailand is out. No need to go.

Mostly due to this:

photo borrowed from here

I still LOVE this movie. Love Claire Danes. Love Kate Beckinsale. Just not in love with Thailand.

22 June 2009

10 things I look forward to...

10. Trying on my new Nikes. My hubby said he hid them from me somewhere in the house... that means a scavenger hunt to find them before I can open the box. ARGH!!
9. My #16 Club Lulu sandwich from Jimmy John's. Mmmmm. On the regular italian bread, leave the bread in... probably extra mayo. It's the JJ way.

8. A night of gabbing with my girlfriends. Who CAN'T use one of those now and then?!

7. Wearing my new clothes. Cuz they're new!!

6. Cleaning my car... since we're DONE moving!!

5. Organizing my new scrappin space... I'm an organizing fool.

4. Paying down the credit card bill... eventually. (No, that's not our bill.)

3. Cleaning my kitchen - and actually having a countertop!! (and not our kitchen either)

2. Spending time with my sisters. (I'm Louie)

1. Disney World!! Of course!

19 June 2009

The weekend has arrived!

So it's Friday morning at 10:24am. And we've only got a few more hours of work until we get to see another two days off work!!

Why is it... I practically fall asleep at my desk every hour or so... but bring on the weekend and I can hardly settle down to go to bed?

Last night for instance, I was cleaning up the old apartment [insert Barenaked Ladies song here] and it felt like I could have cleaned all night! Who likes to clean?! That's ridiculous.

But I'd rather be at my dirty, nasty old apartment cleaning the oven and scrubbing the floors than sitting in this flesh-colored hell for 6 more hours.

I want a Summer Friday.

18 June 2009

The world of txting...

So my sister just started texting. Given she's 36 years old and a child of the pre-technology age, this is an amazing feat.

It was a few years ago that I lived a block down the street from my sister and her family. She's married with two small children. At the time, I taught my niece (who was about 5 at the time) how to text my boyfriend using my phone. She thought it was the coolest thing ever and continued to keep in touch with my hunny via txt.

Well, a few months later, my sister went into the AT&T store to get a new phone. She opted for the pink RAZR since it was the freebie phone for signing a new contract. The salesperson asked if my sister needed the txting option. My niece piped up with, "YES! I txt!" And my sister just looked at her with the puzzled face.

Needless to say, Mom won and no txting was necessary on that plan.

Jump forward 2 or 3 years, and I was hanging out with my sister last weekened. She said, "OH! I've started txting! It takes me a while to respond, but you can txt me now!"

Since then, I've txted her a few times... and still, I'm not sure she gets it. But at least she's jumped into the 21st century!

17 June 2009


I love *LOVE* love the color green. It's such a great color!

16 June 2009

Followed by a Terrible Tuesday

Yesterday, I was on cloud 9... everything was "marvelous". the Muny, my friend's baby... Remember?

Well, today's a different story. I've got a dark cloud over my head. And I'm not sure what will cure it. But I'm hoping one of these will...

Shhh.. Don't tell my WW friends.
Oh... and btw... my custom Nikes shipped today!! YAY!!

15 June 2009

Marvelous Monday

Ok, so it's a little overzealous of me to say, but I'm having such a wonderful day!

It started out pretty crappy, after all, it IS Monday. And it was pouring down rain when I left home. And the commute sucked - as normal. And it was raining the whole time, and when I got to work, it was still dreary.

Then it started DOWNPOURING with thunder and lightning... and I just love thunderstorms. But my new desk at work is stuck in the middle without a window. All I had was the sounds of the storm.

But then, for some reason, my day got better. I had a fabulous lunch (albeit at Che UniGrille). The Chicken Caesar Salad and company were to-die-for! And now I'm having such a wonderful day!!

My friend, Em is being induced tonight... that means there will be a new addition to the Superstar Clan. And that's just so darn exciting!

And tonight's the Opening Night of The Muny!! Every year, my girlfriends and I get season tickets. That makes Monday nights GIRLS NIGHT! and we get to hang out and gab... without the men in our lives. :)

Between Em's little bundle of joy and The Muny... I can hardly contain myself!

I'll let you know how things turn out in tomorrow's post.

12 June 2009


Earlier this week, I posted about The Buttinskis and The OneUppers. Both are equally annoying to me.

Now I've got another. The SloTalkers. I'm not talking about the Seinfeld "Close Talkers." No, no... not The CloseTalkers. I'm not even talking about the rate in which someone talks. I don't mind spending all day talking to my grandma who, as of lately, started speaking really slowly. I'm not talking about those people who enunciate loudly and stop after every syllable.

I'm talking about the people who don't know how to GET TO THE POINT! Please just answer my question and let's move on with life. I don't need to know every detail about your weekend... unless I ask. I don't need your whole life history of how you got to this point in time. I just want to know how to get to the bathroom!

Have a lovely weekend... but please only tell me the really good parts.

11 June 2009

In high school, we went to our share of concerts at Riverport. But in my early 20s... it never really hit us. Why is it... now in our late 20s... I'm going to a lot more concerts?

Last year, I saw Reba and Kelly, Tom Petty, and Brad Paisley... Tom and Brad both within a week of each other. All AWESOME concerts. :)

I wish I could have been at the Aerosmith concert last night. Last time I saw them it was the best concert ever. Although that was at The World in Chicago with my roomie, Nicole.

This summer's taking on a concert theme as well. We've already got tickets for No Doubt in July. I'd LOVE to go back to Brad Paisley in June. And Matt's pushing for Blink/Weezer/Taking Back Sunday in September. Crazy how that works.

I guess it should be an exciting summer!

10 June 2009

My Franklin

I've joined the "working world" and I've acquired a Franklin Covey desk calendar.

For the last several years, my position was administrative. Every September, we'd put in an order for the upcoming year's calendars. All employees could order whatever they wanted from the list of options.
A lot of the "important" people ordered the Franklin Covey refill pack. Well, upon becoming part of the non-administrative world, I acquired a Franklin Covey myself.
First of all, I'm no where NEAR important enough to use the thing to it's full potential. But I leave it out on my desk none-the-less. I keep flipping the pages and trying to find more uses than I already have for it. But mostly, it's extra doodling paper for those boring meetings I generally fall asleep in.
What bothers me the most... the other day, I heard someone refer to it as "My Franklin" followed by a little hug of the stupid calendar. I thought that was a bit ridiculous... after all, it's not my child.

09 June 2009

Good But Annoying

Alright... so one thing that really bothers me are those little keychain rewards cards.

I understand the benefit of joining your little rewards club. And I'm happy to use the little cards... but WHY MUST I CARRY IT ON MY KEYCHAIN!?! I enjoy having only 3 keys to carry around. I don't need any more crap.
So I end up throwing the little cards in the bottom of my purse... and there they lay.
Every time I purchase something, you can look up my account via my phone number. What's the point of those little cards again?!

Two Types

There are many, many types of people in our society. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.

But there are two I just can't stand:

1. The Buttinskis

2. The Oneuppers

More to come as the PMS rages.

The Worst Feeling In The World.

I think the worst feeling in the world is when your alarm goes off and you have to get up for work.

No, wait... The WORST feeling is thinking it's Friday and then you realize it's only Tuesday.


08 June 2009

One more thing...

I forgot to mention that I also thought about my new NikeID Shox. :)

I'm THRILLED to be the owner of a pair of Shox. And these are CUSTOMIZED just how I want them!!

A well-deserved reward for starting my own business.

Monday Mornings

Here's the list of things I think about on a Monday morning after I get to work:

1. Checking my Facebook account.
2. Checking my Gmail account.
3. Catching up on my news... both world news and entertainment gossip/news.
4. Cowboys... Mmmmm.

5. Breakfast

6. Wall Clocks
7. Work (for a few minutes)

8. Lunch
What do you do all morning on a Monday at work? Surrounded by flesh-colored walls.


07 June 2009

Day #43

Today's the first day I felt like we were really homeowners.

We slept in then lounged around a little. Ran some errands, went out for dinner and headed home.

When we got home we played in the backyard with Punky and chatted with the neighbors. We sat out there for an hour or so just having a good time.

Then we came in and did a few thing around the house then sat down to watch a movie.

Not all of our stuff is here or put away yet but at least we're living. It's good!

More laundry tomorrow!! Woo hoo!!

05 June 2009

The Modern World


Ahh the joys of the modern world.  Amazing how we lived without them.

More New Homeownership Excitement

So tomorrow we get the new washer and dryer!!

I'm so excited because I've never had my very own washer and dryer! I mean, my parents had one, and the house I lived in for a year of college had one... but this one's mine! And it's going in my new blue laundry room! I'm so excited.

Probably the most excited because I'll be busy while the guys install it. heheh.

04 June 2009

Ideas. Ideas Everywhere.

I've been actively blog surfing now for about two weeks. There are blogs out there about EVERYTHING.

I can write anything I want on my blog... and the ideas are everywhere. Take this pic for instance...

Words fail me.

03 June 2009


This is really rude of me to say... but I can't stand people who aren't the least bit technically savvy.

I'm not talking about my grandma. She doesn't need a computer, nor try to figure one out.

It's those who can't figure things out on their own. Or don't know what *.* is. *.* means EVERYTHING. Absolutely EVERY file, no matter what type. It's a freakin wildcard search. How hard is that to grasp?

I've been running IE7 for OVER two years. I downloaded the beta version before it was available for actual release. How can you NOT know where to go for the "Tools" Option?? Ugh. And why is it the middle of 2009 until you get it on your computer?!

If you're reading this, I can honestly say you don't fall into this category. Don't worry. Don't overanalyze your skills. You're good. I like you.

The Morning Commute Ritual

I'm new to this whole morning commute thing. With the new house, it takes me 30 minutes to get to work - average.
Monday was 30 minutes, yesterday was 25 minutes and today was Day #3 of the morning commute and it lasted 35 minutes.

I'm not sure how people stay sane while driving to work in the mornings. Then it happened...
As I was driving along this morning, I came up behind a little red car - and yes, I'm a girl so I have no idea what make/model of car. It was a little red one. I figured it must have been an old grandpa stuck in the morning traffic because they were going so slow. (Those old people should stay home until after the morning rush.)
Then I noticed the sombrero. Whoever the driver, they were short. But up above the driver's seat I could see the outline of a little sombrero. One of those that you use for a Cinco de Mayo table decoration.

I decided to get a better look, so I passed the little red car. NO SOMBRERO! It was a lady in her 30s with curlers in her hair and putting mascara on.

I was both disappointed and appalled that people actually do that kinda thing. I mean, I'd heard about it, but come on... get ready at home, THEN get in the car and drive to work.


02 June 2009

The Indian Star

When I was growing up, we could walk to the grocery store for candy from my house. It was only a block or two and at the age of 6 we were able to go alone. Mom stood out on the front porch and watched that we made it there. Then she waited while we walked around the store looking for stuff, and picking out our candy, and then she watched as we walked home.

And we always got the grape flavored Tootsie Roll Pops.

Now, as a kid, everything grape was the way to go. Grape Kool-Aid. Grape Jolly Ranchers. Grape Jelly. And Grape Tootsie Roll Pops. Anything to leave your tongue purple.

We always got the grape ones from the candy rack at the grocery store most of all for the wrapper.

As legend goes, if your grape Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper had an indian shooting a star on it, you'd get a free Tootsie Roll Pop. (I know, the pic isn't a grape wrapper but I couldn't find one online.)

We'd get home and eat the Tootsie Pop but then head right back to the grocery store for our free one. It wasn't unusal to see a stack of wrappers sitting on the kitchen counter... all grape, and all with the indian and star.

It wasn't until later... much later... that I realized EVERY grape sucker had the indian and star on it. And only recently, did I realize it's not just the grape wrappers.

So today, my friend dropped off a grape Tootsie Roll Pop at my desk. And as I was eating it, I of course looked for the indian and star on the wrapper... and there it was, just like it was in the 80s.

I did a bit of research and found out... it's all a Tootsie Roll Pop Legend! Go here for details.

The grocery stores weren't supposed to honor the free Tootsie Pop... Thank goodness for Phyllis at the corner grocery store. She made my childhood out of free Tootsie Pops.

01 June 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Today's Punky Monster's 1st Birthday! What better way to celebrate than with puppy ice cream and a party!

Today was the first morning for getting ready at the new house and leaving her home all day by herself. It's a bit upsetting that I can't go home at lunch and see her anymore. But I know she'll have fun by herself and be even more happy to see us at night.

Speaking of the new house... Today's officially Day #38 of being homeowners and it's a little weird. Our whole morning routine is a bit out of whack. And it's going to take some time to make everything feel "right" about living there. I never thought it would be as strange as it is.

The big move went off without a hitch last Friday (the 29th). I dropped the puppy off at the vet to have her two canine teeth extracted since they didn't fall out on their own. By 8am, my father-in-law was at the apartment to take me to get the UHaul. We picked up the UHaul at 8:15 and had it parked and ready to go when the movers showed up at 8:55am. They packed and loaded the truck as full as they could possibly get it in just over 2 hours.

Then we were all on our way over to the house. It was all hands on deck to get that truck unloaded. The day was starting to get hot and we had a LONG way to go. It took a while, but the movers got the bedroom furniture upstairs and before I knew it, the whole truck was empty!

Except now, the house was full! How could we have so much stuff crammed into that little apartment?! It's amazing how fast our house filled up. I hate to think about the stuff we're going to collect in the future!

By 1:30, everyone was gone and the truck was empty. Then started the housecleaning crew. My mom and sister came over to help put the place together. We made the bed, set all the furniture and started putting things back together one piece at a time. Those women are amazing.

Now all we have left is the stuff at the apartment that wouldn't fit into the truck... two bathrooms and a kitchen. Not to mention curtains and towels, and the random closet that's packed with stuff. JOY!

Little by little, it'll all be moved over... but right now it just seems like it'll be Christmas before we're all settled in.
Hopefully we can get a little more normalcy back in our lives. At least we have Punky Monster to keep us smiling.