26 May 2009


I don't eat ham. ever.

It's not a pork thing. I don't have anything against pigs or hogs. I just don't like ham.

To me, it's sorta the world's 'generic' meat. Ham and cheese. Ham salad. Ham on Christmas. Ham sandwich. Ham and beans.

All of those make me *cringe*.

My husband doesn't eat ham either. I'm guessing our children (should there ever be any) won't eat ham.

The funny thing is... my mother-in-law makes ham EVERY Christmas. I realize this is a tradition for many families. "The Christmas Ham" But my husband's never liked ham. His sister-in-law who's been around for 15+ years doesn't like ham. And I don't like ham. Yet she still makes the damn ham every year.

And her reaction is... "Oh! I didn't know you don't like ham." SURPRISE! Ugh.

Since we're talking pork products... I LOVE BACON. Bacon is the best meat on earth. I could eat it every day... if my diet would let me.

And my next dog is going to be named Bacon. For none of the reasons above. It's just a funny puppy name.

Here Bacon! HERE Bacon!

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